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Gangplank’s Creative Virus!

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If Gangplank is a piece of software, it would most probably be a Wiki!

It’s a a true collaborative space, where they don’t charge you to participate. If you’re a ‘permanent resident’ (what businesses that have their offices here are known as) you don’t pay rent. But you get to use the utilities and the workspace as if it was your own.

Our guest on the show, Derek Neighbors, co-founder of Gangplank, prefers to use the term ‘social capital’ that residents are expected to invest. It could be something as simple as helping teach an iPhone class.

Gangplank is all about nurturing the community –businesses that are literally “within one and a half to two mile radius of our building,” says Neighbors. A member of Gangplank is on the board of every board or commission in the City of Chandler.

Gangplank’s permanent residents –known as ‘Anchors’ – include Authority Labs, Dev-Fu, Drawbackwards, Forty, HeatSync Labs, Integrum, myKB,, RoughEdge, rYnoweb, and VUURR. Just today two new companies, Big Red Eight, and Circle Studios came on board, and they plan to expand, adding another 9500 square feet in an adjacent building, soon! We asked Derek to elaborate on who they are and what they do. You could find out more about them here.

We also asked him to comment on the ideas that Derrick Mains presented this Monday, at the launch of the SustainAZility movement –and the Wiki– that has similar goals for crowd-sourcing the best ideas from our ‘permanent residents’ here in Arizona! More about this could be found here.

At the front end of the show we also had Abigail Rethore, one of our on-the-ground correspondents, file a report.  Enjoy the podcast!

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