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This Week’s Show – 22 Sept 2010 – Podcast

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Employees are either ticked off or raring to go.  That’s the commonly held wisdom, right?

We wanted to find out and conducted a survey before this show and were pleasantly surprised that a large percentage of responders have positive things to say about the workplace. However, when asked to describe what a terrible place to work was, one respondent cited “Filth, blind micro-management, too many chiefs.”

Fired Up Or Burned Out | Your Triple Bottom Line with Derrick Mains and Angelo FernandoWe did this snap survey for a reason. We were going to ask our guest, a much-acclaimed author of the book Fired Up Or Burned Out, about what kind of leadership makes workplaces so dreary or at other times, inspiring. The book (which has received great reviews on Amazon) takes you into leadership qualities and the ‘power of connection’ at work from the American Revolution to… Starbucks!

Download the book! Mike’s been gracious to let our listeners download the book free here.

Show # 8 – with Michael Stallard

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