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Podcast – E-waste & LEDs

We called this the show about Change. For good reason!

Most people don’t have ‘e-waste’ on their radar. It often sounds a lot like the industrial effluent problem that we keep hearing about. ¬†But e-waste is something very personal, something we contribute to whether we know about it or not.

Some startling stats: Between 2005 and 2006, the total volume of waste hitting municipal landfills increased by 1.2 percent. Ewaste however increased by 8.6%!

In studio, Jeffrey Rassas and Daniel Henderson

Our first guest, Jeffery Rassas, began to do something about this. But there’s an interesting business model behind it, where both people and planet benefit.

Our second guest was Daniel Henderson, Founder and CEO, Relumination. His company retrofits lighting features in organizations, small and large. But it’s more than the light bulb that we talked about.

Enjoy the podcast!

Download the podcast here. Or use the player below.

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