The Triple Bottom Line Show About Your People, Your Planet, And Your Profits

Today’s show won’t be live, but…

A funny thing happened on the way to the studio.

We just heard that this evening’s show cannot be broadcast from KFNX studios due to a prior commitment to carry the University of Arizona basketball game.

But rather than take a hiatus, we decided to bring you a podcast of our show that talks of the launch of a baseline study by GreenNurture andĀ Miller Consultants. We asked our planned guest William Carey of Dixon Golf to join us on a show on 29 December, and he graciously agreed.

This podcast also includes a report fromĀ Heather Clancy, our second on-the-ground correspondent, who reports on a topic we discussed in a prior show -LED lighting. A very interesting angle on ‘lumens per-watt.’

We also got into a discussion of ‘Employer branding’ and what it means to companies such as Google and GE in their hiring practices, considering both Google and GE for some time now, have been committed to corporate sustainability in different ways.

It’s a shorter show, just under 22 minutes, so we hope you will find it interesting!

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