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Lessons from 2010: Sustainability and Social Media

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This is a short podcast, in lieu of our cancelled show tonight. We’ll be back next week, live on 1100KFNX.

But on this podcast Derrick Mains talks about how Sustainability became more, much more that about ‘let’s-go-hug-a-tree! It was all about flipping the switch of productivity.

Company productivity in 2010 increased by 1.6%, while in the 3rd quarter, it increased by 2.1%! If you think of that from a workforce perspective (where 10% of the population has been unemployed) the trend is very good: Companies are making, or poised to make productivity gains, becoming more efficient, more profitable, and doing so with a smaller percentage of the workforce.

We also talk about Wiki-nomics. This time in relation to how a wiki could be an open-source platform that is not controlled by some consulting firm, or ear-marked by lobbyists. “It’s the new democracy,” says Derrick, planning tapping into collective intelligence. Among other things we talked about:

  • The influence of the iPad as a survey tol for real-time intelligence
  • The Open-source wiki for Sustainability in Arizona –
  • The ‘Campus Metabolism‘ program at Arizona State University
  • The relevance of the Brutus quote from Julius Caesar, for our moment in history
  • Digging ditches not holes!
  • Cognitive Surplus- the most influential book in 2010
  • Zipcar and the conscious consumption choices we make in commuting
  • The UN Global Compact Study, inn collaboration with Accenture Sustainability Services

Our reporter this week was Jen Beauchamp.